Our Story

TerraFina is a 100% natural product with a powerful mineral concentrate of quartz microcrystals (Silica) and Alumina content which act as cellular reactivators and regenerators. The powerful mask reaffirms and detoxifies the skin eliminating dead cells and leaving it radiant, soft, firm and renovated

The Taínos were the Native Americans of the Dominican Republic and Caribbean and for centuries they use clay to cure their ills and wounds besides also for their Art.  The clay was discovered more recently in the northern mountains of the Dominican Republic, the area with the highest rainfall in the country. Rock formations there, totally meteorized by the rains, are the materials that today form Terrafina. We achieved a concentration of the microcrystals and oligoelements contained in the rocks. Today the uses of the products have been diversified and include cosmetic as well as other pharmaceutical products. 

Terrafina is a mineral biomaterial which combines the energy of microcrystals and trace elements that act as an amazing detox for the skin helping the cells to auto-regeneration giving a boost of energy to the cells, increasing the Adenosine triphosphate (ATP) molecule, the microcirculation and thus increasing oxygenation while eliminating the toxins that accumulate in the skin by the contamination of the environment or by cosmetic chemicals. Terrafina also provides a gentle exfoliation to remove all dead skin from the face avoiding different shades and delaying the appearance of wrinkles. After applying, the pores of the skin will be fully able to absorb the nutrients of your favorite moisturizer leaving your skin young and beautiful. It has also been seen to be beneficial for acne prone skin. Do you want to look radiant, soft and beautiful? Use Terrafina